Faith’s Checkbook

C.H. Spurgeon

February 13 – Blessed in the Field
“Blessed shalt thou be in the field.” – Deuteronomy 28:3
So was Isaac blessed when he walked therein at eventide to meditate. How often has
the LORD met us when we have been alone! The hedges and the trees can bear
witness to our joy. We look for such blessedness again.
So was Boaz blessed when he reaped his harvest, and his workmen met him with
benedictions. May the LORD prosper all who drive the plough! Every farmer may urge
this promise with God, if indeed he obeys the voice of the LORD God.
We go to the field to labor as father Adam did; and since the curse fell on the soil
through the sin of Adam the first, it is a great comfort to find a blessing through Adam
the second.
We go to the field for exercise, and we are happy in the belief that the LORD will bless
that exercise and give us health, which we will use to His glory.
We go to the field to study nature, and there is nothing in a knowledge of the visible
creation which may not be sanctified to the highest uses by the divine benediction.
We have at last to go to the field to bury our dead; yea, others will in their turn take us
to God’s acre in the field. But we are blessed, whether weeping at the tomb or sleeping
in it

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