Faith’s Checkbook

C.H. Spurgeon

February 15 – Ever Mindful
“The LORD hath been mindful of us: He will bless us.” – Psalm 115:12
I can set my seal to that first sentence. Can not you? Yes, Jehovah has thought of us,
provided for us, comforted us, delivered us, and guided us. In all the movements of His
providence He has been mindful of us, never overlooking our mean affairs. His mind
has been full of us – that is the other form of the word mindful. This has been the case
all along and without a single break. At special times, however, we have more
distinctly seen this mindfulness, and we would recall them at this hour with
overflowing gratitude. Yes, yes, “the LORD hath been mindful of us.”
The next sentence is a logical inference from the former one. Since God is
unchangeable, He will continue to be mindful of us in the future as He has been in the
past; and His mindfulness is tantamount to blessing us. But we have here not only the
conclusion of reason but the declaration of inspiration; we have it on the Holy Ghost’s
authority – “He will bless us.” This means great things and unsearchable. The very
indistinctness of the promise indicates its infinite reach. He will bless us after His own
divine manner, and that forever and ever, Therefore, let us each say, “Bless the LORD,
O my soul!”

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