Faith’s Checkbook

C.H. Spurgeon

February 10 – A Constant Witness
“For thou shalt be His witness unto all men of
what thou hast seen and heard.” – Acts 22:15
Paul was chosen to see and hear the LORD speaking to him out of heaven. This divine
election was a high privilege for himself; but it was not intended to end with him; it
was meant to have an influence upon others, yea, upon all men. It is to Paul that
Europe owes the gospel at this hour.
It is ours in our measure to be witnesses of that which the LORD has revealed to us,
and it is at our peril that we hide the precious revelation. First, we must see and hear,
or we shall have nothing to tell; but when we have done so, we must be eager to bear
our testimony. It must be personal: “Thou shalt be.” It must be for Christ: “Thou shalt
be his witness.” It must be constant and all absorbing; we are to be this above all other
things and to the exclusion of many other matters. Our witness must not be to a select
few who will cheerfully receive us but to “all men” – to all whom we can reach, young
or old, rich or poor, good or bad. We must never be silent like those who are
possessed by a dumb spirit; for the text before us is a command, and a promise, and we
must not miss it – “Thou shalt be his witness.” “Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD.”

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