Faith’s Checkbook

C.H. Spurgeon

February 11 – Are the Children In?
“I will pour My Spirit upon thy seed, and My
blessing upon thine offspring.” – Isaiah 44:3
Our dear children have not the Spirit of God by nature, as we plainly see. We see much
in them which makes us fear as to their future, and this drives us to agonising prayer.
When a son becomes specially perverse, we cry with Abraham, “Oh, that Ishmael
might live before thee!” We would sooner see our daughters Hannahs than empresses.
This verse should greatly encourage us. It follows upon the words, “Fear not, O Jacob,
my servant,” and it may well banish our fears.
The LORD will give His Spirit; will give it plentifully, pouring it out; will give it
effectually, so that it shall be a real and eternal blessing. Under this divine outpouring
our children shall come forward, and “one shall say, I am the LORD’s; and another
shall call himself by the name of Jacob.”
This is one of those promises concerning which the LORD will be inquired of. Should
we not, at set times, in a distinct manner, pray for our offspring? We can not give them
new hearts, but the Holy Spirit can; and He is easily to be entreated of. The great
Father takes pleasure in the prayers of fathers and mothers. Have we any dear ones
outside of the ark? Let us not rest till they are shut in with us by the LORD’s own

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